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Artist/Musician/Michael Barian



“One of my favorite things to do is to stand in front of a captivating work of art in a well-lit gallery.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I travelled to New York to see the Jean-Michel Basquiat retrospective at the Baghoumian Gallery. I was all alone in there, a little high… surrounded by his best work (some of which were huge). It was an overwhelming and monumental experience. Mind-blowing really!

That being said, many people who have an interest in art, do not have the time, desire or money to buy art this way. Yet, going to Z-Gallerie isn’t going to cut it either!! The concept for this site is to make fine-art accessible to an emerging collector. Providing great art, at prices that are well below what you would find in blue-chip galleries like Gagosian.

Here’s a true story of how the art world works:

My wife and I rented a storefront gallery in Soho NY., to exhibit all my large abstract paintings. Yes, quite an insane thing to do as we shipped the works from L.A to NYC! I wanted to see first-hand how the public would react to my art (as I never told them I was the artist).

Well, a young collector walked in and picked out two of his favorites, one of which would end up hanging on a brick wall in his nearby loft. He asked us if we could bring one by and hang it, to see how it would look first. Can you guess what my wife said?

So there we were, husband and wife, walking through the streets of Soho, carrying this large abstract painting into a building nearby. As we waited for the elevator, an elegant, cultured looking woman waited beside us and could not stop looking at my painting. Then she looked at us, then back at the painting, about three times in a row. Where is this artwork being delivered to she asked? And who is the artist? I said: I am the artist. My name is Michael Barian and the Malloy’s are buying this painting. The Malloy’s? She said quizzically. Yes, the Malloy’s we confirmed. She introduced herself as Monique Knowlton (a well-respected gallery owner in Soho), and told me I should drop by her gallery with slides of my artwork. Can you guess what I said?

Now, the Malloy’s ended up buying my painting for $5500.00 (not too shabby for an unknown artist from L.A!) and the story goes…Monique Knowlton had tried (and failed) multiple times to sell the Malloy’s art.

The moral of the story is: Art is a matter of perception. Same art, same artist…but in the proper context, what was once seen as unknown and of little value, can now have significance and achieve great worth!

I strongly believe that more and more artists will bypass galleries and use social media to connect directly with art collectors. It will not replace the gallery experience, but it will be viable alternative to the art buying process. Hence, BARIAN ART!”


“I photograph, then recycle images to make art. Inspiration is all around and creating something from nothing is exciting. Just step outside, talk a walk or drive around. The simplest thing can be turned into something profound.”


“I’m always working on writing and recording music. Simple songs. Simple, but good. Always melodic and catchy. The type that get stuck in your head. I have no desire to monetize my music, it’s just not fun to do that. My joy is in creating and keeping it aesthetically pure.”


Michael Barian a.k.a Tar C.